T- Plug Male & Female Connectors Deans Style For RC LiPo Battery ESC

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  1. Brand Name: Amass
  2. Item Name: T plug
  3. Quantity: 1 male & 1 female
  4. Body Material: Brass and gold plated
  5. Internal Material: Nylon/PA
  6. Internal Resistance: 0.4mΩ
  7. Max. RC/MC: 36A/60A
  8. Temperature Resistance: -20°C ~ 120°C
  9. Pulling Force/500: 25N
  10. Recommend Use Times: 1000 times
  11. Wiring Regulations may recommend: 12AWG
  12. Recommended welding standards: 480 ° / 4S


Buy Original Amass Nylon T-Connectors Male-Female Pair. Pack includes 2 Male and 2 Female connectors. These connectors are made from Nylon, making them very tough and difficult to melt, even with the worst of soldering skills.

These are for those customers still stuck with the old t-connector. We suggest all customers upgrade to the new XT-60 connector where possible as that is the connector attached to nearly all our batteries, ESC, charger, and models.


  1. Convenient and safe, easy to assemble and not easy to fall off
  2. Colorful design and beautiful appearance
  3. Soft and easy to plug
  4. Unique hollow design, reduce the product weight, enhance the heat dissipation
  5. Plastic parts seamless joint, all blend into one harmonious whole

Package Includes:

1 x Nylon T-Connectors Male-Female Pair-2 Pcs.