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A buzzer or beeper is an audio signalling device, which may be mechanical, electromechanical, or piezoelectric (piezo for short). Typical uses of buzzers and beepers include alarm devices, timers, and confirmation of user input such as a mouse click or keystroke.


  1. Input Voltage(Max.) : 12V
  2. Resistance: 120 Ω
  3. Resonance Frequency: 2048 Hz
  4. Sound pressure(dB(A)/10cm)min.: 80
  5. Body Size : 12 x 9.5mm
  6. Pin Pitch: 6mm
  7. External Material: Plastic;
  8. Color: Black


This is a Small PCB Mountable 12V Active Electromagnetic Buzzer. It is great to add Audio Alert to your electronic designs. It operates on 12V supply, uses a coil element to generate an audible tone.


Operating Voltage 12 V DC
Frequency(Hz) 2048
Sound pressure(dB(A)/10cm)min. 80
Pin Spacing 6mm
Material Plastic
Color Black
Width (mm) 12 (Body Diameter)
Height (mm) 9.5
Weight (gm) 1 (approx) (each)
Shipment Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5

Package Includes:

5 x 12V Active Electromagnetic Buzzer.




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