5 in 1 Robot kit

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  • Compatible with Arduino Nano
  • Consist of On board Connections and Components (LED, L293D,Bluetooth Slot), less use of wires are required, Doesn’t requires additional motor module.
  • Consist of Additional Pins to Connect More Devices
  • Easily gets connected with different types of robots or devices
  • Small Size easily portable and usable
  • It has in built buzzer so no  Need to attach

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Now Arduino based projects becomes easy when you have this development board with you. It Compatible with Arduino nano device so you can easily design many different types of Projects easily. The Development board is having components(L293D, LED, Bluetooth slot) on board so it makes your connection and some projects easier, It makes less use of jumper wire as wires makes our project complicated and complex so getting error or problems with the wires(Like getting disconnected continuously, Lose connection, Looks complex etc) are zero with this board. As it is having L293D on Board pre installed so no other motor driven module is required. This Board gives you a boost in the field of Making Projects related to Arduino as their are number of different types of projects which are waiting to get explored.


1x Arduino all in One Board (Arduino nano Slot, 4 Led in-build, L293D In-build Slot, Bluetooth Connecting Slot)